Welcome to Spike Apple

With the rapid growth of urbanization, food consumption habits of city people are changing to keep pace with the requirements of urban living; thus, we are becoming more dependent on fast foods and junk foods. These are not only expensive but also putting a heavy toll on our health. These foods use ingredients that are artificial, high in sugar and fat, and are not meant to be eaten on a regular basis. Consuming these ingredients regularly leads to serious health issues. Furthermore, fast culture has diverged from Deshi traditional food.

Who We Are

Spike Apple began its journey in April 2013 with the goal to revive traditional and healthy “Deshi” food in the midst of ever changing urbanized lifestyles. In this, we collect ingredients from small share grass root sources to ensure fair trading and market practices, closely monitored agricultural practices, and direct community benefit.

Our Services

Services are available throughout Dhaka City and outside of Dhaka with advance order. Food can be provided for any occasion with customizable food menus. We look forward to your call to “spike” up your event!


Our mission is to ensure better livelihoods for women by creating sustainable and empowering employment opportunities. We seek to expand this brand throughout the country to increase employment for women and promote small share community farmers and fair market and trade practices while:


A hub for fresh Deshi food for all while establishing a sustainable food production chain to ensure better employment opportunities, income generating activities, and increased aptitudes for women.